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748. David Mead2
749. Danielle Brisebois3
Duke Special750. Duke Special3
Dragonette751. Dragonette3
752. Drugstore6
753. Dear Enemy8
Dangerous Toys754. Dangerous Toys11
Devendra Banhart755. Devendra Banhart12
Down756. Down12
Dead Kennedys757. Dead Kennedys13
758. Dillinger15
759. Dink21
760. Death from Above 197922
Daisy Chainsaw761. Daisy Chainsaw23
762. Doyle Bramhall II and Smokestack24
763. Die Trying25
David Coverdale764. David Coverdale25
765. David Cassidy26
766. David Drew26
Danger Danger767. Danger Danger27
768. Damone27
DC Talk769. DC Talk27
770. David Crosby & Phil Collins29
Don Dokken771. Don Dokken31
772. Dreams so Real33
773. Day of Fire34
774. DFX234
David Lindley775. David Lindley34
David Draiman776. David Draiman34
777. Dogs35
778. Dropping Daylight35
D.A.D.779. D.A.D.35
David Johansen780. David Johansen38
781. Death in Vegas38
782. Dangerman39
783. Dogs Die in Hot Cars40
David Sylvian784. David Sylvian42
Danko Jones785. Danko Jones45
786. Diving for Pearls46
787. Dexter Freebish47
788. Donald Fagen & Michael McDonald47
Dave Mason789. Dave Mason49
790. Darlahood51
791. Dropbox51
Dave Wakeling792. Dave Wakeling52
793. David Baerwald53
794. Dead or Alive54
795. Dickey Betts Band55
796. Dynamite Hack59
797. Delbert McClinton59
798. Dream Warriors60
Dovetail Joint799. Dovetail Joint63
800. Danny Joe Brown and the Danny Joe Brown Band64
801. Danny Spanos64
802. Dandelion65
803. Dig65
Dead Can Dance804. Dead Can Dance68
Dodgy805. Dodgy69
806. Dum Dums69
807. Danny Wilde73
808. DoubleDrive74
Duncan Sheik809. Duncan Sheik74
810. Diffuser77
811. D:Ream78
812. Diesel [1°]80
DamagePlan813. DamagePlan84
Dave Gahan814. Dave Gahan84
Dirty Pretty Things815. Dirty Pretty Things85
David Crosby816. David Crosby94
Danzig817. Danzig95
818. Danny O'Keefe96
Deep Forest819. Deep Forest98
820. Derek and the Dominos101
821. Dust for Life108
Dope822. Dope111
823. Drain S.T.H.112
824. David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group117
825. Dirty Heads118
Dr. Alban826. Dr. Alban119
827. Don Johnson [actor]122
828. Duke Jupiter122
829. Dark New Day123
Dubstar830. Dubstar126
Danielle Dax831. Danielle Dax127
Dennis DeYoung832. Dennis DeYoung129
David J833. David J135
834. Dog's Eye View135
Delirious?835. Delirious?137
Don Felder836. Don Felder145
Dave Navarro837. Dave Navarro156
David Gilmour838. David Gilmour165
839. Dan Baird168
David Cook840. David Cook177
841. Dada [rock band]179
Dream Theater842. Dream Theater181
843. Donald Fagen188
844. Device [metal band]195
845. David & David202
846. Deep Blue Something207
847. Delaney, Bonnie & Friends215
Devo848. Devo218
849. Doves218
850. Dwight Twilley219
Daniel Ash851. Daniel Ash224
Debbie Harry852. Debbie Harry226
Delta Goodrem853. Delta Goodrem232
David Byrne854. David Byrne235
Daryl Hall855. Daryl Hall240
Donna Summer856. Donna Summer240
David Gates857. David Gates243
858. Dramarama248
859. DNA250
Drivin' N' Cryin'860. Drivin' N' Cryin'266
David Gray861. David Gray279
862. David Bowie and Mick Jagger281
Dido863. Dido292
Darius864. Darius293
865. Dio303
Dinosaur Jr.866. Dinosaur Jr.308
867. David Essex320
Deacon Blue868. Deacon Blue321
Dashboard Confessional869. Dashboard Confessional338
Divinyls870. Divinyls371
Dokken871. Dokken372
Dawn872. Dawn374
873. Donnie Iris384
Dishwalla874. Dishwalla442
Dave Edmunds875. Dave Edmunds521
Debbie Gibson876. Debbie Gibson606
877. Default627
Deftones878. Deftones640
Del Amitri879. Del Amitri642
Drowning Pool880. Drowning Pool659
881. Dexys Midnight Runners681
Daughtry882. Daughtry685
Death Cab for Cutie883. Death Cab for Cutie714
Dan Fogelberg884. Dan Fogelberg750
Donovan885. Donovan881
Deep Purple886. Deep Purple885
Damn Yankees887. Damn Yankees957
888. Days of the New1081
Don McLean889. Don McLean1097
David Lee Roth890. David Lee Roth1375
Dave Matthews Band891. Dave Matthews Band1521
Dire Straits892. Dire Straits1913
Don Henley893. Don Henley2216
Depeche Mode894. Depeche Mode3127
Duran Duran895. Duran Duran3418
Def Leppard896. Def Leppard3739
David Bowie897. David Bowie3831
898. Disturbed3999
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