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All-Time Artists Top 50



The Rolling Stones2.

The Rolling Stones

The Beatles3.

The Beatles

Foo Fighters4.

Foo Fighters

Linkin Park5.

Linkin Park

Red Hot Chili Peppers6. Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Elvis Presley
Rod Stewart8. Rod Stewart
Pearl Jam9. Pearl Jam
R.E.M.10. R.E.M.
Elton John11. Elton John
Aerosmith12. Aerosmith
Green Day13. Green Day
Van Halen14. Van Halen
John Mellencamp15. John Mellencamp
Tom Petty16. Tom Petty
Nickelback17. Nickelback
Bruce Springsteen18. Bruce Springsteen
Paul McCartney19. Paul McCartney
Stone Temple Pilots20. Stone Temple Pilots
21. The Offspring
Metallica22. Metallica
23. Disturbed
Three Days Grace24. Three Days Grace
Bryan Adams25. Bryan Adams
David Bowie26. David Bowie
Shinedown27. Shinedown
Genesis28. Genesis
Def Leppard29. Def Leppard
Billy Joel30. Billy Joel
31. Staind
Bon Jovi32. Bon Jovi
Godsmack34. Godsmack
Creed35. Creed
Queen36. Queen
Duran Duran37. Duran Duran
Chicago38. Chicago
Fleetwood Mac39. Fleetwood Mac
Phil Collins40. Phil Collins
The Smashing Pumpkins41. The Smashing Pumpkins
The Police42. The Police
The Beach Boys43. The Beach Boys
44. 3 Doors Down
Eric Clapton45. Eric Clapton
Foreigner46. Foreigner
Depeche Mode47. Depeche Mode
Oasis48. Oasis
Rush49. Rush
Huey Lewis & the News50. Huey Lewis & the News
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2010s Top 10

Three Days Grace1.

Three Days Grace


Pop Evil

Linkin Park3.

Linkin Park





Foo Fighters6. Foo Fighters
Shinedown7. Shinedown
8. Fun.
Lady Gaga9. Lady Gaga
The Black Keys10. The Black Keys


2000s Top 10

Linkin Park1.

Linkin Park



Foo Fighters3.

Foo Fighters

Red Hot Chili Peppers4.

Red Hot Chili Peppers



6. 3 Doors Down
Green Day7. Green Day
8. Disturbed
Puddle of Mudd9. Puddle of Mudd
Shinedown10. Shinedown


1990s Top 10

Pearl Jam1.

Pearl Jam







Stone Temple Pilots5.

Stone Temple Pilots

The Smashing Pumpkins6. The Smashing Pumpkins
Metallica7. Metallica
Red Hot Chili Peppers8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Collective Soul9. Collective Soul
Green Day10. Green Day


1980s Top 10

Bruce Springsteen1.

Bruce Springsteen

John Mellencamp2.

John Mellencamp



Van Halen4.

Van Halen

Huey Lewis & the News5.

Huey Lewis & the News

The Rolling Stones6. The Rolling Stones
The Police7. The Police
Genesis8. Genesis
Duran Duran9. Duran Duran
Phil Collins10. Phil Collins


1970s Top 10

Elton John1.

Elton John

Rod Stewart2.

Rod Stewart

Paul McCartney3.

Paul McCartney





6. Elvis Presley
Electric Light Orchestra7. Electric Light Orchestra
Three Dog Night8. Three Dog Night
The Rolling Stones9. The Rolling Stones
10cc10. 10cc


1960s Top 10

The Beatles1.

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones2.

The Rolling Stones

The Beach Boys3.

The Beach Boys

Herman's Hermits4.

Herman's Hermits

Roy Orbison5.

Roy Orbison

The Kinks6. The Kinks
The Rascals7. The Rascals
Simon & Garfunkel8. Simon & Garfunkel
Bob Dylan9. Bob Dylan
The Mamas & the Papas10. The Mamas & the Papas


Project progress

US charts

Hot 100 (and bubbling under the Hot 100)
• 1944-2009: 99.7%
• 2010-today: sparse data

Hot Country Songs:
• 1944-2009: 99.5%
• 2010-today: sparse data

Mainstream Rock Tracks
• 1981-2009: 99.9%
• 2010-today: sparse data

Modern Rock Tracks
• 1988-2009: 99.9%
• 2010-today: sparse data

Hot Dance Club Play
• 1974-2003: 95%
• 2004-today: sparse data

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
• Top 40
  • 1952-2010: 99%
  • 2011-today: sparse data
• Top 100
  • 1952-2010: 60%
  • 2011-today: sparse data

Adult Contemporary Songs
• 1961-2006: 99.9%
• 2007-today: sparse data

UK charts

UK Singles
• 1952-2009: 98%
• 2010-today: sparse data


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